Congratulations / promotion

On October 29, 2014 Patrick Dähler started his first training with us as an interested teenager. It quickly became apparent that Patrick Dähler was not only interested in learning self-defense and practicing through regular training, but that he also had other qualities: learning, patience, attentiveness, diligence and persistence made him a “student with potential”.

When he had acquired very good basic skills in the technical area and a solid basic knowledge of traditions and rituals, Patrick Dähler became a “Junior Trainer” two years later as a teenager (Sihing / Xihong).

He also fulfilled this task with us in the club on his way to growing up: friendly and courteous contact with parents, solid, easy-going teamwork and also increasingly organizational.
“Learning to say no” and recognizing and correcting priorities enriched the team process.
Xihong / Sihing “Patrick Dähler continued to pursue his training continuously, consistently and efficiently and increasingly learned what it means -“ looking outside the box ”- as an“ instructor ”with headmaster functions,“ having to think of everything ”.

When the global corona virus crisis broke out, “Xihong / Sihing” Patrick Dähler showed again, “What wood it is made of”: He increased his presence in assisting the instructors “in” distance learning “(” Virtual Guan / Kwoon “), began to train harder and surprised everyone in the top squad again with his increased performance … consistently.
Because of his consistently positive development for this reason, or because of the long, constantly improving path and the willingness to take more responsibility, his understanding of the meaning and the background of the traditions – which he knows not only on the “leaf”, but also applies – on April 24, 2020 Patrick Dähler was named “Dai Xihing / Sihing”.

This honorary title is another milestone, which may lead him to “Lao Shi” or even “Sifu / Shifu”.
We are happy and proud that Patrick Dähler chose this path and strengthened the team as well as the overall squad of the “Union”.

Congratulations and “Bravo”; and, keep it up!

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