«Tian Long Guan International; godfather program»

Did you just arrive in Switzerland; most likely in the Region of Basel?
Is it a challenge for you to get settled? We know your worries!

For most of us, if we get businesswise appointed to a new location, first steps may be difficult, particularly if we care for a safe and secure environment as well as smooth daily structures. Zong Shi Damian Mohler, the founder of the Tian Long Guan, has travelled and worked in different parts of the world for decades; these challenges are very familiar to him.

Bringing together an open minded attitude towards foreigners and the wish of assisting newcomers to settle well in our wonderful country, we recently have established supporting structures for what we already did for years: Welcoming newbies to Switzerland within the network of our association, helping them with whatever they need.

Become a member in our Tian Long Guan association and get access to our godfather program. You may choose an active or passive membership.

As a passive member you will be part of our circle particularly at events. And most importantly you will have a direct exchange straight with our founder Zong Shi Damian Mohler, who can assist you in different ways to get settled in Switzerland.

As an active member additionally our different trainings are open you. We would love to welcome you practising martial arts with us regularly and to introduce you to others with similar interests.

One or the other – let’s have a chat. We are looking forward to meeting you! You can reach us via email or by phone +41 79 411 11 55

Yours in the Arts,
Zong Shi Damian Mohler and Team